Friday, July 31, 2009


First, as in five months since I've written any here. Second, as in the funny ones the kiddos have been saying as their vocabularies develop. I need to record these for posterity and before the soundtrack goes out of my head. Many have now been defeated in favor of the correct pronunciations. I'm actually kind of sad about that.

Here goes - Anna's list is shorter than Tessa's, for perhaps obvious reasons!

Anna's Constructions
beeber = beaver (thank the Littlest Pet Shop collection for even needing to know this one)
drunk store = drug store (upon seeing a CVS: "Mama! It's the drunk store!")

Tessa's Constructions
meenas = bananas
culluh = color (she sounded like something out of Gone With the Wind on that one)
banewns = balloons
cocadots = polka dots
foooon = spoon
eesheeeyah! = there it is!
choo choo pain = choo choo train

Never a dull moment in our family conversations.