Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dear Anna: Lassoing the Moon

Dear Anna,

Sometimes the simplest moments come together with your developing understanding of the world and your uniquely three-year-old way of expressing yourself, and the result is so precious and perfect that I couldn't have possibly scripted it any better.

A couple of nights ago, we came home from an evening out. It was past your bedtime, but you were in pretty good spirits, albeit a bit tired. It had rained for much of the day, but the late afternoon and evening were gloriously clear, sunny, and warm. You ducked into the house from the front step, then turned and came back out to admire the moon. "It's a ham moon," you said, referring to the fact that when you take a bit out of the little round piece of ham in your on-the-go snack, the remaining bit looks like a crescent moon.

Then you said, "I will catch the moon when it comes down behind the houses. Before the sun comes up, I will catch the moon when it comes down." And time slowed down for just that minute and let me appreciate you in all your perfect knowledge and optimism. It let me hold that moment up against the life on which you're embarking, a life in which I know you will catch the moon and do amazing things with it.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Dear Tessa: Look Who's Walking

Dear Tessa,

Well, there it is! You took your first steps for us on Saturday, April 26th. You've been cruising with very little support for some time, but crawling is still your preferred method of getting from point A to point B. I think you stepped almost inadvertently - you were standing unsupported and seemed to forget that you were upright.

So off you toddled for a few steps before realizing your state and pitching over. Fortunately, you're still pretty low to the ground and replete with natural padding, so these topplings aren't too distressing unless you hit something (like the coffee table) on your way down.

Way to go, little walker! We'll really be chasing you soon...