Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dear Tessa: Month 9

Dear Tessa,

A week and a half ago, you turned nine months old. This has been a month of incredible ups and downs for you, but the ups far outweigh the temporary downs.

You were diagnosed with a lung infection that required nebulizer treatments but happily nothing more serious. So for several days, you had to curb your mobile self while we gave you blow-by treatments with the nebulizer and hoped it would get rid of that wheeze and help your cough. Daddy entertained you during these sessions by dancing around the nursery. You found this absolutely hilarious (as did I), and you stayed put to watch the show.

As if the nebulizer wasn't bad enough, you had an ear infection, too, so you also endured antibiotics for ten days. You were so miserable at the beginning of your ordeal - your sleep was all messed up (just when we were making progress!), and you just couldn't catch your breath - but then, over the course of the week you spent at home with Daddy or me, you played and laughed and became yourself again. Except for the sleep...

But this month also saw you take off - literally! You're crawling all over the place. You're pulling up, and your world is expanding every day. Suddenly, we're having to put things out of reach, and Anna is frequently frustrated by your interest in her favorite toys. And you're getting really good and playing with toys! You love the aquarium bowl with its spinny fish balls, which you put in the bowl and take out of the bowl and put in the bowl and take out of the bowl and...you get the idea. We brought some toys out of storage that Anna had loved, and you've taken to them immediately. We gave away your exersaucer and bolster seat because you just will not be contained any longer. You are a baby on the move.

Halloween was a lot of fun this year; I was amazed at your patience in your costume. You wore it for hours on Halloween night and helped us hand out candy to dozens of trick-or-treaters who got an extra treat in the form of your wee ladybug with the black cap and antennae. And you and Anna played off of each other, as always, and cracked each other up, as always. Anna still makes you laugh more easily than either Daddy or I can, and I love watching the two of you spiral down into fits of giggles and then belly laughs. Kind of reminds me of another pair of sisters I know...

You also graduated this month from baby tub baths to baths in the tub with Anna. You're a big splasher, and bathtime soaks Daddy on a nightly basis. I can't wait to see how bathtime looks when you're a little bigger, a little more stable, and a little more conniving with the squirty bath toys.

All these developments are very bittersweet to me. You're at such a fun age - so interactive and so delighted with everything you can do - but you're not an infant anymore, and I miss that tiny baby. Of course, I wouldn't trade your great big chuckles when you get me to nibble on your fingers in order to get the tiny baby back, so I guess we have to keep moving forward. I'm still trying to make the time slow up a bit, though, as I know it won't be long before I'm writing to you about your first steps. So now I will risk waking you up so that I can peek at your sweet sleeping self before I turn in for the night, and I won't complain too much when you wake up and refuse to go back down without nursing. These days are numbered, and as much fun as I know we're going to have in the lifetime ahead, I'm not ready to let them go yet.


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Gratuitous Halloween Cuteness

Come on - you knew it was coming...here are my darling girls, all decked out for Halloween.

Tessa is, clearly, a ladybug. Anna fell in love with this (components re-wearable, woohoo!) fairy princess deal but alternated between calling herself a fairy princess and a butterfly. Whatever - she was happy.

I love this picture because it totally looks like Tessa is saying, "Dude. Check out the princess. I'm with the fairy princess! She's a little crazy, but still. Princess." I'm in love with these girls.

I'm also in love with the moment I see Anna heading out to trick-or-treat with her dad. This year, I took a loop with her as well, and we had a blast. But I love this image of her, wings askew and pumpkin bag in hand, holding Mr. Asco's hand, heading safely off into the evening for some serious trick-or-treating.